The Rise of Unicorns

There has been a huge increase in the popularity of unicorns and fantasy characters in recent years. This reminds me of the innocence of young children and how they truly believe in magic in this world. I started to learn composite photography so I could capture this time in my daughters life where she believed in fairies, unicorns and magic. Although she still loves a bit of magic, I can see her growing up and becoming more interested in Youtube, music and makeup. These images are now so precious to me as they are a sentimental reminder of her as a little girl.

Composite Photography

Composite Photography is the blending of two or more images to create one final image. While this definition makes compositing sound quick and easy, it's anything but, often requiring several hours of photography and Photoshop work to complete a final piece. My images are usually the result of many many different elements which are painstakingly brought together to produce a startlingly realistic image. The level of work which goes into these images is often is often at the individual pixel level (zoom in and in and in …..).

Trial and Error

Through trial and error (and many hours of practice) I worked out how to transport my daughter from my cosy little studio into any world her imagination could conjure up. I have developed a distinct style of composite photography which is identifiable and sought after by parents. I call this ‘Fantasy Photography’ and you can view examples of this work on the main website at

I also have a dedicated Instagram feed for my fantasy photographs. If you are interested please follow me at

So if you would like to your family member in one of these magical images lets talk and together we can create something which is truly a unique piece of art work. Drop me an email at

The only limits are our imagination.


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