Will my child co-operate?

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Ring, ring!


My phone rings with a Mum asking for more information and the conversation goes like this:

Mum- "I'd really love to get some Christmas photo's done with my 2 small children. They're 18 months and 4 years old"

Me- "Great, let me explain how the session works and we can discuss the types of images you're after"

Mum - "Well I really love the Christmas window photographs but its likely that my child will not co-operate or do as they are instructed"

This is a conversation I have with nearly every parent that enquires about a photoshoot at Tiny Stars Photography. I'm quick to reassure clients though. We all know that our children can be temperamental at times. They get grumpy when they're tired, hungry or don't want to do something and that's completely normal. As a Mum of two myself I understand this. Sessions in my Doncaster Studio are completely led my the children I am photographing. For younger children especially I try to keep the shooting time relatively short. This allows me to hold there attention and work through my box of tricks and distraction techniques.


Will I get the images I want?


There are of course no guarantees as children can be unpredictable however, I have not (yet!) had a session where I have been unable to provide parents with the images they came to me for. Speaking to the children on their level helps to build a connection with that child. I'm happy to sit on the floor and play with them or get them to come and look at or choose some of the props I have in the studio.

As an experience composite photographer I am able to make adjustments using photoshop after the shoot so if your child is getting upset at being asked to put their dinosaur down, don't worry. I'll take the shot with the dinosaur and replace it with something else later or simply remove it if possible.

The more fun the shoot is the more relaxed the child (and parents) will be. I'd like to share with you some images from 2 Christmas shoots I did recently. Beforehand both Mums warned me they were worried their child/ren wouldn't cooperate to allow us to gain the images Mum was after.



Oliver was 18 months old when his Mum brought him to the studio for his Christmas photoshoot. He had just woken up from a nap when he arrived at the studio so was still a little sleepy. I worked through a series of shots with Oliver by engaging him and asking him to do things for me. We discovered he really loved the box of dinosaurs I had so we went with that and it enabled my to get some super shots that Mum loved. Here are a couple from his session:

Santa holding snow globe with child

Then we really went with the Dinosaur theme...

Child chased by dinosaur in Christmas Hat

How cute is he though!

Noah and Caitlin


Siblings Noah (3 yrs) and Caitlin (22 months) also arrived with a disclaimer by Mum that they might not co-operate. Noah was just brilliant. He had even been practicing his smile at home before he arrived and listened to everything he was asked to do by Mum and me. At 22 months we didn't expect Caitlin to do the same but she was interested in some of the toys I had in the studio and even wanted to help me take a couple of photographs of her Brother. Caitlin particularly liked this sound machine and had fun listening to all the noises she created. She was relaxed and we didn't push her to do things she didn't want to do. As a result we ended up with some great images. I love this one as it shows the connection between them along with a little Christmas magic thrown in:

Siblings at Christmas window with sata and reindeers flying by

If you're thinking about booking a photo session with a Doncaster based Family Photographer but you're not sure whether your child will co-operate or not please give me a ring. All kids are different and by understanding a little bit about them this can make all the difference in us achieving some amazing images of your little ones. Rest assured the sessions are completely led by the needs of your children so the smiles you see are genuine and the emotions are real.

If you have any questions about booking a photo session at Tiny Stars Photography please contact me by clicking here. Alternatively please take a look at my main website by clicking the links below to view some of those genuine smiles:

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