How to DIY an Easter Photoshoot at Home

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How to DIY an Easter Photoshoot at Home


With the unusual situation we currently find ourselves in we are all needing to adapt to a new way of living. Like many businesses we have closed our doors and stopped photoshoots until it is deemed safe for me and my clients to meet face to face again. So I have been thinking about alternative ways we can create some beautiful images by working together. With many families being forced to isolate at home away from loved ones its the small things which end up meaning the most. I am now offering you the chance to turn your own photographs into these beautiful water colour images. The idea is that you take your own photographs at home, send them to me and I will work my magic. The best part is that they cost only £5 (for the jpg file) and mean you don't need to leave your house at all. So with this in mind I wanted to offer you some simple tips and tricks to DIY an Easter photoshoot at home. Remember these can be used for any images, even your pets.


Lighting your DIY Easter Photoshoot


Light your DIY Easter Photoshoot at home - The best photographers learn how to use light as a tool to create the feeling they want in their images. At home or in the garden try to find an area with plenty of natural light. Avoid switching ceiling lights on if you can help it as they often leave your image with a funny orange or yellow tint. Also contrary to what you might think, taking photos in bright mid day light is also not the best as it can lead to strong dark shadow underneath eyes and noses which can look a little scary. A photographers favourite time to shoot outdoors if often at 'golden hour'. This is the time just as the sun starts to set and you get this beautiful soft golden light which creates beautiful images.

Staging your DIY Easter Photoshoot


Stage your DIY Easter shoot at home - Choosing the background for your images is very important. I like to shoot against a plain background so there is nothing in the background which distracts away from the subject being photographed. I've seen many lovely photos which could have been amazing if the photographer had simply moved a few items from the background. Clear away any mess as a minimum. Take a look around and see whats going to be captured if you shoot in that spot. A dustbin? Pants drying on the radiator? Move them or move where your'e shooting. It can be difficult to find a clear space in the home so a great way to do this is to hang a sheet/blanket on your wall to act as a plain backdrop. I do this a lot in the studio. You can see from the pull back image below that I have simply taped a piece of pink fabric to the wall and it works great.


Clothing and Small Details


If you have more than one person in the  photo ideally you want them to be dressed it coordinating colours. They don't need to be the same but try to avoid colours which clash or are incredibly bright. Also go for plain clothes rather than ones with pictures or logos. Again, these draw attention away from the face of the subject. You want people to look at their eyes and face rather than their SpongeBob T shirt.

Pay attention to small details or you'll get annoyed with yourself later on for not seeing them.

  • Wipe faces and blow noses.
  • Check for stray hairs over the faces of your subjects.
  • Are collars straight and hems pulled down?
  • As a rule of thumb don't wear shoes or socks in photos either!


Its all about Easter at the minute but with most shops shut at the minute you might need to get creative here. Do the kids have bunny ear headbands? Could they make an Easter bonnet? Even getting them to paint a picture of some Easter eggs (or some actual eggs) would be fun and would look great in an image. Alternatively crack open their chocolate eggs and capture them tucking in. You should get some real smiles then!

Don't say cheese


I think the best photos of kids are natural and show real emotion. You don't get this by telling kids to smile or say cheese. You have to genuinely make it fun to get them to smile. I'm also not averse to bribery if necessary..... sweets work well for this. Here's a couple of ideas:

  • Pull your sofa out and get the kids to hide behind it. On the count of three get the kids to jump out from behind it and shriek as loud as they can..... See if they can scare Daddy/Mummy/Grandma.
  • Ask them questions which will illicit a smile. How many Easter Eggs do you think the bunny will leave you? Who can burp the loudest in your house?
  • Get them up and moving. I want you to face the back, spin around look straight at my camera or spin around 3 times then sit and look at my camera. Usually theyre dizzy and we get fits of laughter.

Of course if your little ones is too young to take instructions just find a nice place to do you photos and see if you can get them to look in your direction through distraction. Rope in another pair of hands if necessary.

Remember the best camera is the one you have with you whether its a camera phone or a DSLR!

If you are interested in having one of your photos made into a watercolour image please let me know. They are only £5 and can be customised with your own wording. Contact me on HERE for further information or to send me your image.

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