Create Your Noah’s Ark Photoshoot at Home

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Create Your Noah's Ark Photoshoot at Home


While the Country remains in lockdown and we can't open the studio its a great time to have some fun with some creative composites. I can talk you through how to take the image at home, you send it to me and I will create the final image for you. This blog post shows you step by step how to create your own photoshoot at home for the Noah's Ark composite. The images you will see in this blog post were taken on my iPhone 7 with only natural light. You can see my studio lights at the edges of some of the pictures but they were not used.


boy in Noah's ark with animals

Light and Background


The first step is to find yourself a well lit area in your home or outside. Make sure there are no harsh shadows on your Noah's face. With not enough light your image will come out looking grainy and poor quality so this is really important for a good final result. Natural light is better if you can find an ideal spot for your Noah's ark photoshoot at home. Next you want to think about the background. It needs to be plain and in contrast to your Noah's hair and skin colour if possible. This is important for good results. A white background for brown, red or black hair would be great. For blonde hair a black background might look better. I often just use some black or white fabric taped to the wall. You could also use a bed sheet/towel etc but it needs to be large enough to cover behind your subject fully e.g. make sure arms etc have the background behind them and are not sticking out. You can see how I set up my background in the images below.



The Noah's ark composite allows you to be quite creative in terms of the pose you want to use. You can get away with having a great photo just from the waist up as the bottom half of Noah will be behind the side of the ark. Please remember that I will be removing the background in order to create the composite so you need to imagine what your image would look like if I took everything else except the child away. For example, an image where your child is sitting on a swing would not work well as it would not look natural once the swing was removed. Also, a smile isn't always necessary. On my website I have used an image of a little girl is shouting which works well. Here are a few ideas:



  • Count to 3 and ask your little Noah to shout or scream  at the top of his/her voice. They will usually give you a great pose and often finish in fits of giggles as they're not usually allowed to shout like this.
  • Give them a big cardboard box, ask the to climb inside and pretend to be the captain of the ship. Snap away until you get one you're happy with.
  • Use a prop. A toilet roll tube creates a fun telescope. Ask them to show you how they'd look at you through the telescope. Just make sure you can actually see most of their face if you use this idea.
  • Ask little Noah to show you how they can make a star shape by raising their arms up above them. How far can they reach up to the ceiling.
  • Ask them to take a cherished soft toy on the ark with them. Ask them to tell you how their toy is feeling, are they happy to have their photo taken?
  • Use a board to create the side of the ark like I have in the images below. This works well to give you Noah something to hold onto and makes it look like they are leaning on the side of the ark.


Bad Examples of Images



These are some examples of images which would not work so well.



  1. The subjects arms protrude beyond the backdrop I have pinned up against the wall. This can make it tricky to cut out the image cleanly to place into the new background
  2. You might have all the other elements right but if your child has their eyes closed you're going to want to keep trying or you will not be happy with the final image.
  3. Glasses wearers present another challenge as you want to be able to see their eyes without harsh glare from any light sources. If you are photographing someone wearing glasses ask them to  tip their head (slowly) slightly up or down, left or right until you see the glare disappear


Good Examples of Images



Any of these images would create a great composite. I chose the first one in the final image.



The subject is evenly lit against a plain background which contrasts nicely with their colouring. I decided to use a piece of board to replicate the side of the ark so it would look like he was actually holding onto something. You'll probably get a lot of silly faces if you're shooting your own child. This is my 11 year old and he cant take it seriously but he doesn't need to. Some of the images will be more fun this way.


Hair & Clothes


You can style the hair and clothes however you like  for this composite . If your Noah has long hair it can be fun to wear it down so we can create the look of it blowing in the wind. Try to make sure hair is off the face if possible as it can often obscure the eyes and features. Another fun thing I like to do is to create some movement in the hair using a fan (see image below which was used for a mermaid photoshoot). If you don't have a fan you could also use a hairdryer to blow the hair backwards although you'll probably need a second pair of hands for this. Sometimes I add bits of hair into composites during editing, this takes a lot of time, building it up in photoshop to create the final product but is often worth the effort.



For clothes try to avoid super bright clothes or those with characters or logos on them. This tends to take the focus away from the child face which is what we want the focus to be. For the Noah's ark composite I think neutral colours will work well with the colours in the image.

There is quite a lot to remember here if you want to create your own photoshoot at home for the Noah's Ark composite. Don't worry if you cant remember it all. Try to get a well lit basic pose first and make sure the face has an expression you like as this cannot be changed in editing. If you're struggling drop me a message and i'll try to help. You can always send me a few images and I can pick the ones which will give you the best results. Camera phone pics are fine as long as they are good quality.


How to Order


Once you have got an image/s you are happy with you can send me them via messenger or email. Once I have received them and confirmed they will work, payment can be made by bank transfer for £5 (details will be sent at the time). Please put your name as a reference and I will get to work straight away. You can contact me via the website here, or via my Facebook or Instagram page. Please remember there is a great deal of work that goes into each of these images and therefore the offer price of £5 will only last whilst the studio is closed.

Check  out my other fun composites on my website by clicking HERE.


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