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Exist in Photos

Exist in Photos

 Women. I’d like to share a movement with you. One started by a very talented and passionate photographer called Sue Bryce. It is the #existinphotos movement. Check Your Photos OK, open your photos in your phone. Scroll back and see how many photographs there are of...
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Xmas gift ideas for kids

I've been Christmas shopping online recently looking for some unusual and unique gift ideas for my daughter who is just about to turn 9 years old. I'm trying to steer away from faddy plastic toys and things that she will lose interest in after a week so I've been...

Stuck for Xmas Gift Ideas?

Are you like me and haven't started the Christmas shopping this year? I've got a great idea to help you out. We all have that one person who is incredibly tricky to buy Christmas gifts for. They are content with their lot, have all they need and rarely ask for...

Creating Fantasy Images

I have just spent a lovely morning editing this beautiful image of Ruby. It was taken in the warmth of the Tiny Stars Photography studio, Doncaster. As my workflow for creating these types of images is becoming much more fluid I thought I would share part of this...